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Vocal Lessons and Coaching

I am based out of Santa Barbara, California and lessons can be done in person (at your home).


Contact me for pricing or book online.


This is a one-on-one lesson that is booked on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Working with you on a regular basis provides the opportunity for me to really understand your voice and goals.

Typically 45 mins to 1 hour 


(discounted packages are available)



This style is more retrofitted for those looking for more precise help in a short amount of time. Coaching sessions are typically booked to get help with specific problem areas, musical projects or audition materials. 
Have a big audition coming up and want help with your repertoire? This would be perfect for you.



These are lessons done in a group format with 3 or 4 singers. This type of lesson is an option for those wanting to learn and grow with their vocal abilities while on budget. There is also a level of comradery and support that happens between students that adds to the experience. They can be booked as one-off coaching or weekly.

Price is dependent on the number of students.

*Value Option*

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